Rigby Lake

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Description: Rigby Beach is a great place to cool down in the summer. The lake is deep enough to use canoes or sail boats. There is a shallow area that is great for children to play in and plenty of … Continued

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort

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Description: Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is a 30 minute drive southeast from Rexburg. Founded in 1957, the resort has been described by accomplished skiers as the perfect place to learn to ski and board. With terrain suited for all levels … Continued

Green Canyon Hot Springs

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Description: Green Canyon Hot Springs is a great place to spend time with friends and family. Located only about a half hour from Rexburg, it’s a great place to kick off the stress of finals and relax in a hot … Continued

Egin Lakes

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Description: Egin Lakes is not really a place to swim because the water is too shallow, but it is a FUN place for youth groups or family outings. The water is at the base of the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. … Continued

Heise Hot Springs

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Description: Heise Hot Springs is a natural mineral hot spring, kept at a temperature of around 104 degrees. It is perfect for soaking those sore muscles and joints, sitting and relaxing, or just to warm up from the cold during … Continued

Ultimate Sledding at St. Anthony Sand Dunes

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Description: Not more than 45 minutes Northeast of Rexburg if St. Anthony’s famous dunes. Now you’re probably thinking, what can I do at the dunes in the winter? The answer is ultimate sledding. St. Anthony covers right over 10,000 acres … Continued

Snowshoeing at Mesa Falls

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Description: Want some peace and quite? Mesa Falls is just 1 hour north of Rexburg. It provides a terrific outdoor activity where you can really enjoy nature without disturbance. You can also get a great work out on the trails … Continued

Grand Targhee Resort

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Description: On the Idaho and Wyoming boarder, an hour and a half away from Rexburg, you will find Grand Targhee Resort. The location is stunning with its view of the Great Teton Mountains. The resort provides four lifts with different … Continued

Mesa Falls

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Description: The Mesa Falls are the only major falls in Idaho not used for irrigation or hydroelectric projects, and as such maintain a look and feel of nature undisturbed. At 110 feet and 85 feet, respectively, the Upper and Lower … Continued

Monkey Rock

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Description: Monkey Rock is a popular swimming hole for locals and nearby Brigham Young University-Idaho students who have learned about it from locals. The water temperature is fairly cool, which by no means is unwelcomed during the hot summer months. … Continued

Hidden Valley Loop

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Update 7/11/18: Some have reported that the below information may no longer be very accurate. Please take caution and pay attention to “No Trespassing” signs. There is a small trail behind the hospital that is less than a 2 mile round … Continued

Hidden Valley Park

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Directions: Mill Race Road Rexburg, ID 1. From campus, head north on 2nd East towards Walmart 2. Turn right on 1st North (Adam Elementary) 3. Drive past the old Madison High and turn right on Dell Drive 4. Turn right … Continued

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