Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

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One of the main attractions during the Spring semesters are the demolition derbies. The hard part about that is that they aren’t very well advertised, as far as the dates go. You kind of just have to keep an eye out for them. Usually driving back and forth between Idaho Falls and Rexburg, you’ll see an old car along the side of the road that says, “Demo Derby — Jun 15”, written in spray paint. They are most often held at the Fair Grounds in Rigby or St. Anthony.

They are an absolutely BLAST. They attract hundreds of people, because hey, what’s more fun than watching old cars crashing into each other? The entrance fee is relatively cheap (~$8) for 2-3 hours of fun. They have hundreds of cars that come to compete, and they usually do an elimination circuit, with a final round to determine the winner. They all compete for some prize money.

Each car has a unique paint job, done by the driver. Some of our favorites were the “911 Firefighter” car, or the “95 Lightning McQueen.” People become pretty creative. And of course, watching the wrecks are a blast. You often see fenders being dragged off the arena, or giant plumes of grey smoke billowing up into the air. With mud flying, and engines roaring, what’s not to love? Sometimes, you’ll see cars with broken axles that are completely decommissioned and they have to be drug off the arena with a backhoe.

There are usually a few of them held over the course of the summer. Be sure to go!

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  1. Will you please send me the demolition derby rules?I’m having a hard time finding them online.

    • matheson

      Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with the demolition derby. You’ll have to look elsewhere for official entry rules and guidelines.

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