Green Belt Idaho Falls

Green Belt Idaho Falls

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The scenic Idaho Falls greenbelt, found in downtown Idaho Falls, is a great place to spend your afternoons. Enjoy the weather, feeding the ducks or getting some exercise on the 3 mile pathway around the breathtaking Snake River. Pack a sack lunch and enjoy the view of the river and the falls. Bring the kids along for a day filled with feeding the ducks and geese. Climb your way down the rocks or enjoy the bank and catch your dinner for the day.

The Idaho Falls Greenbelt is one of Idaho Falls charms located in the heart of Idaho Falls, next to the historic Idaho Falls downtown. The paved foot-trail is approximately 6 miles around, following the river, plus brings you past the hotels and some of restaurants in Idaho Falls. The trail is enjoyed by bicyclists, joggers or pedestrians who just want to relax and check out the sites beside the 22 foot waterfall, stretching over 600 feet wide. You can cross the Broadway Bridge (on the west bank) to get a great view of the entire length of the falls.

The path takes you down Riverside Drive, through the South side of downtown Idaho Falls, past the War Veterans Memorial, past a scenic viewing area, alongside fisherman’s park, and more. There are many places to stop and sit down on the park bench, or on the grass, or in the sand. Many families bring food to the picnic benches and eat next to the river and usually end up feeding the geese which are always happy for a treat.

Although this isn’t really a ‘hike’, I’ve listed it in that section as well, because 6 miles is a good distance to walk if you’re really intending on walking the entire distance.

The beginning of the trail starts right across the street from the Idaho Falls temple. Below is the address for the temple. Take Highway 20 towards Idaho Falls, and then take the Riverside Drive exit. It should take you right there!


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