Hidden Valley Loop

Hidden Valley Loop

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Update 7/11/18: Some have reported that the below information may no longer be very accurate. Please take caution and pay attention to “No Trespassing” signs.

There is a small trail behind the hospital that is less than a 2 mile round trip hike. It is really more of a walk because it is really easy, but I guess we can call it a hike, since the road isn’t paved. It’s just fun walking around the loop because it feels like we’re not trapped in little Rexburg.

This trail is actually a loop, so you can start from either end. Some parts were harder than others, but it was fun.

If you are heading away from the BYUI campus and head north on 2nd East, turn right on 1st North (Adams Elementary). Go past the old Madison High School until the road makes a sharp left turn. Instead of going left, turn right onto Hidden Valley Road. Go all the way to the end and that is where the trail starts.

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  1. Jennifer Schellenberg

    We tried to walk this trail today and it is no longer a loop. You can walk around the east side of the trail but it ends abruptly and you have to either trespass on farm land or go back the same trail you came on. The west side of the loop, behind the houses, has “no trespassing” signs posted. It’s a beautiful area, but it looks like the locals don’t want people back there any more.

    • matheson

      Thank you for the updated information, Jennifer! We’ll update our article accordingly.

  2. We tried to walk this today and it is no longer available. The trailhead has a “no trespassing” sign out front

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