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With the weather warming up in Rexburg, we decided that we would take advantage of some of the gorgeous evenings here in town to go shooting. With Rexburg being as small as it is, there are tons of places surrounding it that are filled with sagebrush that are legal to go shooting.

There are two main areas that we’ve gone. If you’re driving West out of town on Main Street, continue West until you hit Beaver Dick Park. No more than 50 feet past the park, there is a left turn onto a dirt trail. Follow that dirt road for a while, and you’ll come to an open clearing on your right side that is full of used shotgun shells and is perfect for skeet shooting. My 2wd Honda was able to make it just fine on this trail.

Another area that we’ve gone is a bit farther out, but still decently close. It’s approximately 9 miles from the last stoplight on Main Street (the one with the shell station on the right side). It will be a turn off to your left as well, crossing over a cattle guard. A 4wd vehicle is recommended, but not required (We made it out in a Ford Escape). As you traverse the dirt road, you’ll come to a huge open clearing with a hill to your south side that is perfect for shooting into. Be careful while shooting, as this is a popular spot for four wheeling and dirt bikers as well.

Unless you know someone with some guns, this activity might be a little difficult. A basic shotgun costs around the $300 range, while a basic rifle is about $200. That can come in pretty expensive on a college budget. To go out and shoot 100 12-guage shells and clays is around $35.


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  1. Would these be the coordinates, as marked in google maps? Or are you referring to the road a little further down?,-112.0009396&z=18

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