St. Anthony Sandbar

St. Anthony Sandbar

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On the outskirts of St. Anthony, Idaho along the river there is a sandy little beach with a homemade water slide. Apparently, the locals call it the sandbar. It’s warm, peaceful, and relaxing. The St. Anthony Sandbar is located on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. It has a shallow, bordered swimming area for novice or non-swimmers, and a diving board and floating platform area for better swimmers.

The park has sandboxes on the sides of the steps, down to the water and also a small water slide which ends in the novice swimming area. Remember that you are swimming at your own risk. A few BYUI-Idaho students have drowned over the past few years due to not following basic swimming precautions.The Sandbar is a popular place.

The diving board is safe as long as you:
1. Don’t use it when the river is running high, fast and cold.
2. Jump or dive off the front, not to the sides. There are huge rocks to the sides. Stick to the front to avoid getting hurt.
3. Don’t swim in the “safe area” if the buoys aren’t up. It is not safe until the City of St. Anthony puts them up.

No dogs are allowed in the park.

Take the St. Anthony downtown exit. Go North on Bridge St. Turn Right on Main St. Turn Right on N 3rd E. Park is at the end of 3rd on the right hand side.

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