Housing Reviews and Ratings

As a student, Rexburg Housing absolutely has a monopoly on where you live in Rexburg. Once you get married, you have a few more options. But as a student, how are you to know where is a good place to live? Sure, you can go to the websites of the individual apartments, but they make EVERY apartment look nice, and we know that’s not necessarily true. What better than to hear reviews from people who have actually lived there? Listed below is a list of all the apartments in Rexburg. If you’ve lived in any of these places, be sure to leave a review so that your fellow Rexburgians can know whether it’s a great place to live or not.

Don’t see your apartment complex listed here? Leave us a note in the comment section and we’ll add it as quickly as possible.

Men’s Housing | Women’s Housing | Married Housing

Men’s Housing

Women’s Housing

Married Housing

  • Appletree
  • Aaron’s Place
  • Andrew’s Place
  • Aspen Apartments
  • Aspen Grove
  • Avilla Apartments
  • Austin Apts
  • Everett Place
  • B&T Lamoreaux
  • Beth’s Duplex
  • Brentwood Condos
  • Britney
  • Cambridge Court
  • Continental Park Condos
  • College Park
  • Cougar Court
  • Donegal Bay
  • Draper Oaks
  • Everetts Place
  • Ferrin Square Apts
  • Galaxy Apts
  • Green Gables
  • Heartland
  • Hemming Properties
  • Hyde Park
  • Legacy Townhomes
  • Legacy Lane
  • Lexington
  • Main and Bridge Apartments
  • Main Street Station
  • Meadows
  • Meadown Townhomes
  • Mountain Ridge
  • Park Place Codos
  • Peterson Pointe
  • Ramsey Apts
  • Rasberry Garden
  • Rocky Mountain Townhouses
  • Stone Brook
  • Temple View Apts
  • University Courtyard
  • Vallinda Lane Townhouses
  • Viking Villa
  • Village Apartments
  • Waters Edge
  • Willowbrook

One Response to Housing Reviews and Ratings

  1. Ashley B says:

    Viking Village is not listed on your men’s housing list. I am the manager there and I would love it if you could add us to your list!


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