Haunted Swing

Haunted Swing

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Updated 9/22/13: The owner of this area has put up a barbed wire fence around the grassy field, along with signs that say, “No Trespassing.” RexburgFun.com does not condone trespassing, and will not be held responsible for anyone choosing to do so. Please use your discretion, as this is private property.

About fifteen minutes outside of Rexburg lies the “Haunted Swing.” It seems that it’s somewhat of a legend to the school, as well as the inhabitants of Rexburg. Let me tell you; it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Truly located in the middle of nowhere, off the side of a two-lane highway is a patch of green grass and a single swing. It’s a great place to see beautiful sunsets, stars, and the solitude of this site all make it great for romantic dates. That same solitude lends it a slightly creepy atmosphere (especially when a breeze stirs the creaky swing) encouraging groups to go out for night games and other antics. However, because it’s a fairly well-known spot, your “romantic date” or “stargazing” could be rudely interrupted by a group of teenagers.

If going in the evening, you may want to take a flashlight with you. It gets pretty dark away from the city lights. Also, you might want to be weary of teenagers who hide in the trees/bushes in attempts to scare.

For those who’ve been, what fun things have you done while there?


1. Travel South up S 2nd E (the road the temple is on) until you come to Poleline Rd.

2. Turn left. When you come to a fork in the road, stay right.

3. You’ll come to a stop sign right in front of railroad tracks.

4. Cross the railroad tracks

5. Up the road on your right, you’ll see a bunch of trees. You’ve arrived.
If those directions aren’t very clear, here’s a map:

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  1. Camille

    Ok I’m loving your site so far but really? Don’t worry, just ignore the no trespassing sign. Where’s your integrity? I’m a “local” and I try not to lump the college students together but this is exactly why you guys get dumped on! It’s someone else’s property. You need to respect their wishes and not go on their property! I don’t care if it’s out in the middle of no where. Please edit this post to ask people to respect the owner’s rights and not go on their property. Thanks.

    • matheson

      Thanks for the concern, Camille. RexburgFun is simply a website to be used as a reference, and we in no way condone breaking the law or trespassing. We were simply posting our observations. This article has been updated.

  2. Who owns it my I ask?

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