Things to Remember When Moving to Rexburg

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If you are wanting to move to Rexburg, Idaho, we don’t blame you! It is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Known as America’s Family Community and ranked one of the safest cities in America, it … Continued

Jacksonhole Tram

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Whether you’re planning a date, or are just looking for something to do on the weekend, the Jacksonhole Tram is a great idea, albeit a little expensive if you’re a college student. For as long as I’ve lived in Idaho, … Continued

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

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Even if you’ve only lived in Rexburg for a week, you’ve at least heard of the Sand Dunes once. They’re just north of town, and they’re pretty incredible. Whether you’ve got some ATVs, or you’re just headed out to have … Continued

Demolition Derby

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One of the main attractions during the Spring semesters are the demolition derbies. The hard part about that is that they aren’t very well advertised, as far as the dates go. You kind of just have to keep an eye … Continued

Sawtell Peak

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This was kind of a difficult activity to categorize, because I suppose it could be a hike if you wish, although it’s more of just a “drive-and-see” kind of a thing. We drove up into Island Park this weekend to … Continued


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With the weather warming up in Rexburg, we decided that we would take advantage of some of the gorgeous evenings here in town to go shooting. With Rexburg being as small as it is, there are tons of places surrounding … Continued

Regional Rock Walls

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We, as an apartment, headed over to Regional Rock Walls last night to escape the cold weather and also the boredom of being off-track. I was very surprised by how much fun this place was. By the end of the … Continued

Herbert Ghost Town

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“Herbert” is a small ghost town that was operated until the 40’s, but with the invention of the automobile, it was much more convenient to live in Rexburg or Rigby than in Herbert. At one point, it’s been said that … Continued

Rexburg Temple

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The Rexburg Temple is absolutely gorgeous, so why not head over and do some Proxy Baptisms or Endowments? It’s a beautiful building up on the hill. It was announced for construction in late 2003, and was completed later on in … Continued


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Let’s face it. Rexburg can get a little bit boring at times (it’s better with this website though, right?) Because of that, Fatcats Fun Center has everything you need to stay at least slightly more entertained! Fatcats features Bowling, Glow-in-the-dark … Continued

The Riot Zone

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The Riot Zone is a great place to spend some time, only a few short miles from Rexburg, in Rigby, Idaho. They have activities for the whole family including: 1/4 mile adult go-kart track, a separate kids track, a big … Continued

Craze Fun Zone

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The Craze Fun Zone is the most exciting thing to hit Rexburg since the waters of the Teton Dam, only this excitement is welcome and you don’t have to do the cleaning up. The Craze Fun Zone is now in … Continued