Regional Rock Walls

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We, as an apartment, headed over to Regional Rock Walls last night to escape the cold weather and also the boredom of being off-track. I was very surprised by how much fun this place was. By the end of the … Continued

Kelly Canyon Ski Resort

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Description: Kelly Canyon Ski Resort is a 30 minute drive southeast from Rexburg. Founded in 1957, the resort has been described by accomplished skiers as the perfect place to learn to ski and board. With terrain suited for all levels … Continued

Ultimate Sledding at St. Anthony Sand Dunes

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Description: Not more than 45 minutes Northeast of Rexburg if St. Anthony’s famous dunes. Now you’re probably thinking, what can I do at the dunes in the winter? The answer is ultimate sledding. St. Anthony covers right over 10,000 acres … Continued

Snowshoeing at Mesa Falls

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Description: Want some peace and quite? Mesa Falls is just 1 hour north of Rexburg. It provides a terrific outdoor activity where you can really enjoy nature without disturbance. You can also get a great work out on the trails … Continued

Grand Targhee Resort

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Description: On the Idaho and Wyoming boarder, an hour and a half away from Rexburg, you will find Grand Targhee Resort. The location is stunning with its view of the Great Teton Mountains. The resort provides four lifts with different … Continued