Palisades Creek Trail

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Are you guys all as excited for Winter to be over as I am? For the first time this season, I was able to get out and go hiking and it couldn’t have been better. The fresh air and warm … Continued

Rexburg Rapids

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Description: I’ll be honest, a water park in Rexburg really doesn’t make sense to me, especially seeing as how there’s no indoor portion that can be used for revenue during the winter. It’s only popular for a short 3-4 months … Continued

Big Springs and Johnny Sack’s Cabin

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The following information, including the photography, is a guest post courtesy of Bob Canning from Head on over to their website. Living in Rexburg makes it possible to do some pretty fun things in the spring and summer. One … Continued

Packsaddle Lake Hike

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I’m all for a great hike. Especially hikes that I don’t have to drive super far to get to, or hikes that aren’t super strenuous, either. The hike up to Packsaddle Lake is exactly that. It’s a relatively short distance … Continued

Goldbug Hot Springs

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Goldbug Hot Springs are the kind of thing you talk about while visiting OTHER hot springs. After you’ve been here, nothing will compare. I’ll be the first to say that even pictures don’t do this place justice, and I thought … Continued

Float the Warm Slough

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People wait all year long for the weather to warm up enough to be able to float down the river. The Warm Slough is one of the best places to do that, as the water isn’t freezing, and it’s a … Continued

Blacktail Park

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So, to be completely honest, I was a little disappointed with Ririe Reservoir when we went. It was fun, and it was a good place to cool off, but there weren’t any sandy beaches or really anything to “do” there, … Continued

Green Belt Idaho Falls

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Description: The scenic Idaho Falls greenbelt, found in downtown Idaho Falls, is a great place to spend your afternoons. Enjoy the weather, feeding the ducks or getting some exercise on the 3 mile pathway around the breathtaking Snake River. Pack … Continued

Ririe Reservoir

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With the sun really starting to heat up here in Rexburg (and by “really heat up,” I mean 70 degrees), we decided to spend the first REAL weekend here up at Ririe Reservoir. I had never been before, but it’s … Continued

Fun Farm Bridge

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With the Spring semester just about to begin in Rexburg, it’s still a little bit too chilly to go Bridge Jumping. However, in just a few months, it will be blistering hot, and we’ll be ready! Fun Farm Bridge (not … Continued

Lava Hot Springs

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Description: We made the hour and 45-minute trek out to Lava Hot Springs last night, and boy was it worth it! We had always talked about going out to Lava Hot Springs, but I can’t believe we hadn’t gone sooner. … Continued

St. Anthony Sandbar

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Description: On the outskirts of St. Anthony, Idaho along the river there is a sandy little beach with a homemade water slide. Apparently, the locals call it the sandbar. It’s warm, peaceful, and relaxing. The St. Anthony Sandbar is located … Continued

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