Big Springs and Johnny Sack’s Cabin

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The following information, including the photography, is a guest post courtesy of Bob Canning from Head on over to their website. Living in Rexburg makes it possible to do some pretty fun things in the spring and summer. One … Continued

Tautphaus Zoo

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Right off the bat, I’m just going to say that if you’re expecting something like the San Diego Zoo, you’re going to be wildly disappointed. However, the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls was SO much fun. We went on … Continued

Rexburg Tabernacle

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The Rexburg Tabernacle is yet another item that is widely overlooked and under-appreciated in Rexburg. It’s a local historic Gem. I’ve always wanted to go see the inside of it, but never made an effort, as I thought it wasn’t … Continued

Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum

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Do you know where the “Birthplace of Television” is? It’s near Rexburg in Rigby, Idaho. It is here that the Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum is found, housed in the old Bond Motel building. Dedicated to the Idaho farm boy, … Continued

Potato Museum

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The Idaho Potato Museum is a unique museum which appropriately showcases Idaho’s Famous Potatoes. The rich graphics showcasing the history of the potato will lead you through the revolution of the potato industry. From the original potato planted in Idaho, … Continued

Legacy Flight Museum

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Students in Rexburg, Idaho are so blessed to have such an incredible museum right here in this little town! The Legacy Flight Museum is full of both antique and modern air planes. They are all in running condition. Whether you’re … Continued