7 Tips to Remember While Hiking in East Idaho

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The following is a guest post by Jane Grates. Idaho is a delightful and beautiful place to visit and even moreso an incredible place to hike. While there are already tons of great hiking resources available on this site related … Continued

Cress Creek Trail

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Just a short distance outside of Rexburg (roughly 25 minutes), nearby Heise Hot Springs or Kelly Canyon, is the Cress Creek Nature Trail. It’s a relatively simple “hike” (if you can even call it that). It’s very developed, has a … Continued

Palisades Creek Trail

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Are you guys all as excited for Winter to be over as I am? For the first time this season, I was able to get out and go hiking and it couldn’t have been better. The fresh air and warm … Continued

Table Rock Hike

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This was, hands down, one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. And I will never do it ever again. When people say that this is a difficult hike, they aren’t exaggerating. Over the course of the day, we clocked … Continued

Packsaddle Lake Hike

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I’m all for a great hike. Especially hikes that I don’t have to drive super far to get to, or hikes that aren’t super strenuous, either. The hike up to Packsaddle Lake is exactly that. It’s a relatively short distance … Continued

Goldbug Hot Springs

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Goldbug Hot Springs are the kind of thing you talk about while visiting OTHER hot springs. After you’ve been here, nothing will compare. I’ll be the first to say that even pictures don’t do this place justice, and I thought … Continued

Darby Wind Caves

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Description: This is hands down one of my favorite hikes/caves that I’ve ever done. The hike to the cave is a about 5.2 miles round trip. The first time I did this hike, we greatly underestimated the distance and amount of … Continued

R Mountain

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Description: Even if you feel like Rexburg has absolutely nothing to do, you’ve at least heard of “R” Mountain. Menan Butte, commonly known as R Mountain among students and locals, can just a few miles west of town and is … Continued

Green Belt Idaho Falls

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Description: The scenic Idaho Falls greenbelt, found in downtown Idaho Falls, is a great place to spend your afternoons. Enjoy the weather, feeding the ducks or getting some exercise on the 3 mile pathway around the breathtaking Snake River. Pack … Continued

Teton Dam Site

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Directions: Located three miles E of Newdale, on Hwy 33. A sign and historical marker indicates the turn-off to the dam site. It is 1 1/2 miles north on 1200 East to the viewing area. Follow a rough dirt road … Continued

Mesa Falls

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Description: The Mesa Falls are the only major falls in Idaho not used for irrigation or hydroelectric projects, and as such maintain a look and feel of nature undisturbed. At 110 feet and 85 feet, respectively, the Upper and Lower … Continued

Hidden Valley Loop

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Update 7/11/18: Some have reported that the below information may no longer be very accurate. Please take caution and pay attention to “No Trespassing” signs. There is a small trail behind the hospital that is less than a 2 mile round … Continued