Herbert Ghost Town

“Herbert” is a small ghost town that was operated until the 40′s, but with the invention of the automobile, it was much more convenient to live in Rexburg or Rigby than in Herbert. At one point, it’s been said that as many as 150 people lived here, mostly farmers or those who worked in the mines.

Upon pulling up to the site, the first (and only) building you’ll see is off to the left side of the gravel road. It was a two-room store that sits up on the bluff. Be careful walking around inside, as most of the floor boards are either weak or broken through. There is a second story, with a narrow stairwell leading up to it. Again, be especially careful while climbing the stairs and walking around above. I’d recommend only walking on the main beams and 2×4′s. A few of the stairs had been broken through.

More houses can be found about 1/6th-1/4th of a mile to the right of the store, along the creek. If you look to your right, you’ll see a new shed with a tin roof. The old houses are located right around this shed. You’ll have to walk through a farmer’s field and hop over a barbed wire fence in order to get there. Exercise caution, as this is private land. Be respectful, especially with crops.


1. Head South on S 2nd E (the street with the temple on it)

2. Turn left on Poleline Rd.

3. Stay right at the fork in the road

4. Continue until this road deadends.

5. Take a left on 7800 S.

6. About a 1.5 – 1.75 miles down, turn right onto a gravel road.

7. The old town is off to your left.

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