Claire Boyle Skate Park

Claire Boyle Skate Park

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5th West and 3rd North
Rexburg, ID

From 2nd East, head West on Main Street. Run left on South 5th West, follow the road down to the end, and take the first left after the nature park. You can’t miss it.

The Clair Boyle Skate Park is a popular spot, actually located inside of Rexburg’s Nature Park. It’s a large area covered with concrete jumps, hills, and bowls designed to help boarders, bladers, skaters, and bikers develop and improve their skills.

The in-line hockey rink can also be found on the south end of the nature park. This asphalt rink provides a great place for playing roller hockey, and is complete with goal frames as well as low walls to keep street hockey pucks or balls in play.

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