Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World

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I’ll be completely honest. After living in Rexburg for a few years, and passing by the giant “Yellowstone Bear World” billboard almost everyday, you could say that I was very hesitant to go. I hadn’t heard of too many people going to visit the place, and so I just assumed that it wasn’t going to be that cool. I was wrong! This little gem is one that gets overlooked too frequently.

The park has quite a few things to do, although I felt that the majority of them cater to smaller kids. As you enter the park, you drive along a trail that winds through trees and bushes for a while. You’re not allowed to go more than 5 miles an hour, and you’re required to keep your windows rolled up the entire time. The park ranger said that there were 57 bears total in the park. Along with that are wolves, deer, elk, bison, caribou, and a few random other animals.

Unfortunately, the drive through the park felt way too short. The trail eventually leads to a parking lot where you stop, get out, and go into a gift shop. As you walk through the gift shop, there are a few other things to do in the park. There are a few amusement rides for small children. There’s also a petting zoo which was fun, because the animals weren’t in cages. You got to walk around an enclosed area along with all the animals and get up close and personal. There were geese, goats, deer, peacocks, chickens, and a few other animals.

Easily, the best part of the entire park was watching the baby cubs. There were eight of them. They were full of energy and a blast to watch! The park rangers would hold and play with them, and feed them milk through baby bottles. Later on in the year, you can pay $45 and you’re allowed to hold and feed them. The park ranger said after Memorial Day is usually when they begin doing that, although, on a college budget, that might be something you’ll want to pass on.

And really, that’s about all there was. I’d say it’s something to do once, but I probably won’t be going back again. The admission price was a little steep. Normally it’s around $17 person, but we only paid half of that because of some special they were putting on. You can either pay individually, or $75 per car. If you’re looking for something to do, or really interested in wildlife, check it out.


It’s no more than 10 miles outside of Rexburg, traveling South on Highway 20. It’ll be on the right side, and you can’t miss the giant billboard on the side of the road.

6010 S 4300 W, Rexburg, ID 83440

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