Fatcats Movies

Fatcats Movies

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For showtimes, click HERE.

475 N 2nd E St
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-2600
(Located across the street from Walmart, and in the same parking lot as Winger’s and Jack in the Box.)

The Fatcats website is absolutely terrible to navigate, which may be an indication of how their service and entertainment experience is. Many have complained about the ability to hear the bowling alley while watching a movie. But nonetheless, it is another movie theater in Rexburg, and is undoubtedly higher quality than the Paramount 5.

Movie prices are about as high as you would find in any other theater. Concessions run about as much, as well.

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  1. First, the people that repeat your show times over the phone talk to fast to write it down plus you can’t understand them because they talk so fast. Where the heck can a person find your showtimes without going through that hassle that is useless?

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