Teton Vu Drive-In

Teton Vu Drive-In

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1114 N Yellowstone Hwy.
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 356-7469

Entertainment can be expensive, but there are a few places in town that help to alleviate the expense of a movie night for students on a budget. Like most college towns, Rexburg boasts a few movie theaters, one of which being the Teton Vu Drive-In. Teton Vu is on the Yellowstone Highway, just a few miles out of town. It features one large screen. It’s perfect for letting off a little steam!

Many people bring trucks, where the bed is filled with blankets, mattresses, and pillows. It’s great for a night out with friends, or just for you and that special someone. Usually, two movies are shown consecutively. The second one usually goes later than BYU-I curfew, so you may consider only seeing one.

It’s also worth mention that you pay per person, and not per vehicle. The Teton-Vu theater is not open during the winter. They do have a concession stand (which is wildy overpriced), so you may consider bringing your own snacks.

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