R Mountain

R Mountain

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Even if you feel like Rexburg has absolutely nothing to do, you’ve at least heard of “R” Mountain. Menan Butte, commonly known as R Mountain among students and locals, can just a few miles west of town and is easily seen by the giant “R” painted on the side. It’s easy to spot, as it’s relatively high compared to the rest of the flat land that surrounds it. While it’s not a particularly beautiful hike, it’s something to do on a warm day.

The hike itself is fair to moderate in difficulty. There are quite a few switchbacks that wind up the backside of the hill. While you definitely don’t have to be in great shape to scale this hill, it gets steep at some points. As you near the top, it’s steep enough that a metal-chain railing aids you in finishing the final stretch. R Mountain is actually the remnants of an old volcanic cinder cone. Once you get to the top, you can walk all the way around the rim in a complete circle.

Deer, rabbits, lizards, birds, and other wild animals are in the area. There are some really great views from on top of the cone.

In the parking lot, there are bathrooms. No potable water, however.


From Rexburg head West on Main Street (Hwy 33) to Mile Marker 71. About a quarter-mile past MM 71, turn left on East Butte Rd. Go south for approx. 1 mile, then turn right on Twin Butte Rd and head west to the newly paved parking area and trail head. There are both car and trailer parking spaces available as well as an outhouse.

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  1. You have beautiful photographs and I like your informative posts. How long does the hike take to get up R Mountain?

    • matheson

      We appreciate the kind works, JoEllen. “R” Mountain is a relatively short hike. Even with the slowest of hikers, I imagine you could get up and down the face of the mountain in no longer than 2 hours.

  2. Alisha Benson

    We don’t live too far from “R” Mountain and I’ve been dying to hike it! Think little kids (ages 7 and 5) could hike it? Or better just for adults? Thanks for the awesome overview of “R” Mountain!

    • I think children ages 7 and 5 could easily hike this. I’d be more worried about the adults getting tired than the kids, personally. 😉

  3. how come this town does not have olive garden?

    • Not sure the town could support it. Until Rexburg grows, you’ll have to drive to Idaho Falls. Sorry.

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