St. Anthony Sand Dunes

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

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Even if you’ve only lived in Rexburg for a week, you’ve at least heard of the Sand Dunes once. They’re just north of town, and they’re pretty incredible. Whether you’ve got some ATVs, or you’re just headed out to have a bonfire, you’re in for a treat. The sand dunes offer loads of fun! You can go sandboarding, or lay out blankets during the summer and go star-gazing (a.k.a makeout — you know, you choose).

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The sand dunes represent the largest and most fun rideable sand dunes in the United States. During the months of April to October, you’ll find enthusiasts out with family and friends riding the dunes in style. Sand Cars, dune buggies, UTV’s, Four Wheelers, and Dirt Bikes are all used as transportation to get you to the destination of your choice. Popular riding destinations can be found at Crapo’s Hill (Thunder Mountain), Dead Horse Bowl, Devils Dune, and Choke Cherry Hill. Don’t forget the fun that can be had just heading out to Egin Lake for the day to bask in the summer sun.

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Keep in mind that if you do decide to have a bonfire, ONLY burn wood, and nothing else. No couches, no pallets, nothing. The park rangers are VERY active out there, and on most nights, you’ll see them drive up on the dunes with lights flashing and handing out tickets for illegal burning.

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To get to the Sand Dunes, drive straight on N 2nd E out of Rexburg (the street with Walmart on it). Follow it straight, and you’ll drive right past the dunes. You can’t miss them.

Other points of interest and their GPS coordinates:
Idaho Dunes Campground: 43 57.78 N / 111 49.12 W
Idaho Dunes Entry: 43 58.38 N / 111 49.26 W
BLM Egin Lake Parking: 43 57.78 N / 111 51.21 W
Crapo’s Hill (Thunder Mountain): 43 58.35 N / 111 51.57 W
Choke Cherry Hill: 43 58.10 N / 111 58.46 W
Dead Horse Bowl: 43 57.69 N / 111 58.34 W
Devils Dune: 43 58.45 N / 111 59.24 W

Photo Credit: Neal Rideout Photography

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  1. Alexis Savage

    Where can I find a phone number to speak to Park Rangers of the Sand Dunes? I want to find out what is acceptable concerning fireworks.

  2. Tianne Call

    Is there a place to rent dune buggies?

    • Hi Tianne,

      Right as you approach the dunes, off to the left side of the road is a company where you can rent dune buggies, quads, etc.

  3. BreAnn Allison

    I heard that you’re able to work at the sand dunes and my husband would love that opportunity. Is there someone that he can talk to or an application that needs to be filled out??

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