Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock

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Monkey Rock is a popular swimming hole for locals and nearby Brigham Young University-Idaho students who have learned about it from locals. The water temperature is fairly cool, which by no means is unwelcomed during the hot summer months. The waterfall is a fun feature at Monkey Rock, not to mention a popular engagement photo backdrop. The name “Monkey Rock” is derived from the crazies who jump off the rocks at the top of the falls to the pool below. Though not a great height, it’s important to be careful and only jump into areas clear of rocks and other hazards. Please use caution. Water levels fluctuate depending on the time of year, so use common sense when jumping off the rocks. When the water level is low, however, there is a water slide of sorts upstream from the falls. The concrete bed of the canal, which slopes at an angle of about 45 degrees, carries water under the bridge and is often used as a slide. Again, use caution and good judgment when braving the slide and/or jumping from atop the falls. If nothing else, this spot is great just for the swim.

Monkey Rock is a quick drive from Rexburg, taking about 15 minutes.
From Rexburg, ID, take HWY 33 east toward Newdale; turn north on N 2750 E (Hog Hollow Rd.); turn west on E 350 N (road may not have signage, but is the first left immediately after the bridge); go about 0.3 miles and park on a shoulder clear of the road; Monkey Rock swimming hole is located south of the road where the stream and canal converge.

From St. Anthony, ID, (take the main St. Anthony exit at S Bridge St. if coming off HWY 33) go south on S Bridge St. and turn east on W 6th S; follow the curve in the road which will take you south; turn east on E 400 N for about 3 miles; turn south on N 2750 E; turn west at E 350 N (immediately before bridge) and Monkey Rock swimming hole is located about 0.3 miles down the road on the south side; park on a shoulder and head down to where the stream and canal converge.

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  1. This place used to be really fun, before the college kids all learned about it and it started getting passed around as a popular place to go 🙁 Now there’s too damn many people!

  2. Thelandowner

    Monkey Rock and all surrounding land is private property. Trespassing is not permitted. Citations are and will continue to be issued to those who trespass.

  3. The Freemont County Sheriff hyst posted this today:

    PSA: Monkey Rock is no longer open to the public. The owner has posted “No Trespassing” signs and is asking the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office to assist with keeping people out of their private property.

    We would like to remind those who may choose to ignore the “No Trespassing” signs that trespassing is a misdemeanor and will not be tolerated.

    We would encourage anyone seeking summer recreation to refer to the US Forest Service website:

  4. This place is closed due to it being unsafe to swim. You have to cross private property to access Monkey Rock. The owners of the property have put up no trespassing signs. Two people have died recently. The current is stronger than it looks. Again this place is unsafe for locals, students and those visiting the area.

  5. This is a great spot I’ve visited many times growing up. It’s sad that because of so many college kids it’s no longer accessible. I recently moved back to Idaho and am sick of finding “Private Property” signs on so many places that are part of my childhood. God created these falls. Not you. Certain things on this earth should not be limited to single person ownership. Yes it’s a tragedy that people have died here. But also a tragedy to shut it off from the world.

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